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Institution of the Council

 The National University Evaluation Council is provided for by law 537 of December 24, 1993 at article 5, paragraph 23. Furthermore, law 537/1993 provides for the institution of an internal evaluation unit in each university, with the task of verifying correct management of public resources, the productivity of research, teaching activities and administrative affairs, by means of comparative analyses of costs and performances.
The institution of the Council took place with the Ministry Decree issued on February 22, 1996 and then with the Ministry Decree May 5, 1999.

Tasks of the Council

The Council purpose to evaluate the outcomes owing to the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of research and training activities and to check university development plans and university rebalancing plans. The Council carries out the following tasks: the accomplishment of reports on the realization state and on the outcomes of the planning; the carrying out of a program of the universities' institutional evaluations. It makes technical evaluations on purposes of new State-owned and non-State-owned university institutions, in regard of authorizing the delivery of titles having legal value. It also has to carry out studies and further inquiries on the university education state, on the realization of the educational assistance, on the higher education access, and for the definition of sharing criteria of the re-balancing part of the state funding. It presents an annual report on the university system evaluation and promotes the evaluation and self-evaluation culture.

Composition of the Council

Article 6 of the Ministry Decree May 5, 1999, states that the Council is formed by 7 members, who are experts with a proven professional qualification in the field of evaluation - even non belonging to the academic institution, appointed by decree of the Minister for Universities. Among them,  2 are chosen  from 5 proposed  by the National University Council (CUN - Consiglio Universitario nazionale). The Minister appoints a Chairman.

Members of the Council

 With the Minister Decree issued on  May 24, 1999  the following members of the Council were appointed:
Giuseppe De Rita
Chairman of the National Council for Economics and Labour
Vice Charmain
Luigi Biggeri
Full professor - University of Florence
Giuseppe Catalano Member of the Technical Commission for the Public Expenditure (Commissione Tecnica della Spesa Pubblica), Ministry of the Treasury
Alessandro Corbino Full professor - University of Catania
Alessandro FigÓ Talamanca Full Professor - Univerity "La Sapienza" of Rome
Guido Fiegna General technical coordinator - Politecnico of Turin
Anna Laura Trombetti Budriesi Associate professor -University of Bologna

Technical and Administrative Secretarial Office

Article 7 of the Ministry Decree issued on May 5, 1999 assigns to the Council a technical and administrative secretarial office for necessary support. Furthermore, to develop its activities, the Council may appoint teams of experts, under article 1, c. 88 of 23/12/96 law no 662, and give specialized private or public external bodies the task of specific research and studies.A technical and administrative secretarial office has been set up at the Ministry for Universities and Scientific and Technological Research:

 Piazza Kennedy, 20
00144 Roma - Italy

 tel. +39 6 5991.2111 or +39 6 5991.2809 or +39 6 5991.2069
fax +39 6 5991.2223

E-mail address of the Council:

The office is divided into two sections:
technical secretarial office: co-ordinated by Lucia Scarpitti (tel. +39 6 5991.2632)
administrative secretarial office: co-ordinated by Massimo Fabiani (tel. +39 6 5991.2111)

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